I’ve achieved a lot in my life; I’ve survived a crash landing in a plane, the loss of a propeller in a boat, I’ve come off a motorbike on Charing Hill at about 40mph in snow and ice, I’ve camped on beach head on Christmas Eve (ditto snow and ice), I’ve had my nose broken three times, a collar bone broken twice, I’ve stepped on a shattered coke bottle in the sea (and got stuck on it, needing rescue), I’ve been stoned by Catholics for being the child of a Brit soldier and on that very same day run the gauntlet of Protties because I was a Catholic, I’ve survived nuns and priests, I’ve been spat at in a Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony, I’ve… well, that’s it. But today, today my friends, it is the pinnacle all my achievements.

Today I have sorted a problem with Outlook Mail on my mobile phone that even the helpline was baffled by.

Take a bow, Luce. You’ve made it as a fully rounded human being. And it took only three hours. And 69 years.


3 thoughts on “I AM JUST BRILLIANT!

  1. Yes you are a surviver and you are way ahead of me on the technology front ! Love and and prayers darling Lucy xxxx

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  2. The Coke bottle made me cringe too…..but sorting out a problem on your phone leaves me in awe of you X X X X X


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