Beach ramblings

On Poppit Sands yesterday morning Sean The Poet (he has earned capitals) asked me  ‘What made you start writing about God?’


God did.

Common sense and commercial nowse certainly didn’t.

God is not a highly popular theme for any professional dramatist. In fact wanting to write about God has just about stripped me of all my work bar some  radio pieces. It hasn’t put money in the bank, it’s meant that my days can seem long, it’s made feel irrelevant and useless as a writer. Instead of changing my car every year I’ve now had my car for years and eons. It’s so old there’s green mould around the hatchback door. Most TV producers think I’m dead. My social life is so dull I can go four days without seeing anyone at all apart from dog walkers. People don’t talk to me, they email. Gone are the nights of long rambling chats and laughter after a day’s filming,  swapping stories about mad wardrobe mistresses or idiot runners.

But that’s OK.

What made me start writing about God?

God did. 

And I’m trusting Him to make me better at it.

Night night.




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