Short and sweet


Yesterday I wrote

Don’t throw the Bible at my head

Bring me laughter, or cake instead.

Or both. Or all. That’s it.

That’ll do.

Bring all three. The Bible, cake and you.

And the laughter will bring itself.

Well, chitterlings, I’ve just come back from the hospital, on a quick turn-around, planning to go back there in a couple of hours… the roads are wet and horrible… standing water, rivers crossing the moorland roads, lowering sky… all that.  So I arrived home a bit frazzled and pre-occupied and as I gathered my thoughts and said hello to the poor bored dogs,  someone arrived with…. cake! And this lovely woman has never brought me cake before (often curry or soup!) and she doesn’t read my blog, but she just thought ‘I bet Luce would like a cake.’ and there she was. I’ve known her for nearly 4 years and I can’t remember her ever bringing cake before. How lovely!

Sent by God. An answer if not to prayer, to a blog.

He’s the God of bloggers too, see? His technology and media savvy knows no bounds. Our loving God, listening.






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