Vroom vroom

You know my new secondhand car? It has headlights that swivel when I go around bends (to pick out the nearside verge), it looks backwards when I reverse, beeping, it chortles when I get too near anything at all, it tells me where to go (!), and when I’ve taken the wrong route, how much petrol I’m using right now, it locks itself when I get out, it tells me when to fill up, when to get a service, when to inflate my tyres, it warns me about black ice…. my husband has been dead many years but my Clio Sport is doing his job very competently. If it suggests we call in at the pub for a wee dram, I won’t be too surprised.

3 thoughts on “Vroom vroom

  1. I think you’ll find the pub app is only fitted to the Red model…however I believe the yellow ones have a pressure pad fitted to the passenger seat and when sat in the passenger is encouraged to say the word pub!!!

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