Open that door… let God in……

That’s a lyric from a Wings song. Good old Macca.

Someone’s knockin’ at the door
Somebody’s ringin’ the bell
Someone’s knockin’ at the door
Somebody’s ringin’ the bell
Do me a favor
Open the door and let ’em in

Hah! I bet I’ve given you an ear worm now. You’ll have that playing on a loop in your mind for hours. Sorry.

I’ve had a couple of weeks of turmoil. I’m sure it showed in the blogs, because I don’t pretend all is well when it ain’t. A bit of a battle with God. Not against God, but a sort of push-me pull-you scuffle, jockeying for my favoured position in my life, my will versus His, because I know so much better, don’t I? There was never any doubt which of us was barking up the wrong tree in the wrong forest,  or indeed whose world view needed re-aligning (clue: it wasn’t God). So, I was OK about the temporary turmoil, knowing that He was with me and it would all be worth it (oooh, echoes of a recent sermon there.) Thanks to good teaching and God’s grace, I didn’t resent even one minute of it. Didn’t enjoy it, but it’s a bit like having a root canal – not exactly party time  but better than dying of sepsis.

Anyway, for now the tussle is over. This morning everything  sort of slotted into place and I could start to make sense of my thoughts over the last little while. It’s going to take some getting used to, but … (see ‘Belong’, last blog)

I shouldn’t really be blogging right now. This is a funny in-between time because friends are en route, driving here all the way from Cornwall. That’s  a 5plus hours drive at the best of times but there’s been an accident and they’ve been stuck for hours in a tailback and now have been diverted…. goodness knows when they’ll get here. The chicken is well and truly cooked and the roast peppers are done, but that’s OK because the food will still be lovely in an hour or two or three. But my poor friends! Will they be feeling lovely or well and truly cooked?

So, why am I blogging? You know sometimes the excitement bubbles up and can’t be quelled. I either blog or I explode, horribly. Take your pick.

I’m bursting to talk to you about the lessons we learn from God. I’ve always said it the other way around ‘the lessons He teaches us’ but that’s not how I see it today. I see it more about us taking from Him what He holds out and makes available. I’m talking about  our open-ness to Him. Our teachability. Our receptivity. I’m reading a book  ‘Shaped By The Word’ by M. Robert Mulholland Jr. and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s quite heavy going (it’s taken me the better part of a month to read 150pages, all of which I need to read again to absorb the complete message.)  It’s fascinating stuff – informational reading versus formational reading, with a whole load of bigger words and concepts thrown in for good measure. And for someone who shuffled off this mortal coil in 2015, there are times when his syntax and vocabulary feel ancient. But it’s worthwhile persevering.

A few weeks ago we heard in a sermon that when we read in Revelation that God ‘stands at the door and knocks’ He is at the door of the church, He’s addressing believers. I had always related that image to Christ reaching out to the non believer. Wrong! I think this realisation opened my mind and heart in a new way, to the God who stands there, so patiently. In the last few weeks I’ve discovered that there are such fabulous truths and depths of truth to discover, if we, His disciples, open the door. And that too often we stand in the shadow, comfortably knowing that God is there, but not opening up to receive Him, fully and whole heartedly. Maybe afraid of the cost.

The lessons we can learn from God. He hides none of them! They are all there. You won’t get them all in an instant,  a huge crashing mind-boggling landslide of wisdom and revelation, because your little brains, like mine, couldn’t cope. But the lessons are already complete, waiting. The words ‘I stand at the door and knock’ are addressed to the church in Laodicea, a lukewarm church! God calls on them (and us) to repent, and He promises that if we do, if we open the door to Him, He will come in and eat with us. Our God! With us, beside us, as we are nourished…

This blog is just to say, my ducks, it’s true. I know for a fact that He stands at the door. I know that if we open the door, He comes in, He has close fellowship with us. I know it for a fact. Did I say that? OK, I’ll say it a third time, I know it for a fact. I have been lukewarm. I’m sure I will be again. But this has been the most amazing and dazzling experience to learn straight from the mouth of God, no priest in the way, no dogma, no sanctum sanctorum, no ritual, just God and me. It’s been red-hot, sizzling!

Just God and you. Think of that. Whether you know Him or not, He stands at the door and knocks. Open the door, let Him in. Open the door to God, and to the most wonderful, exciting, white knuckle, roar-with-joy, ride of your life.

He won’t walk away. He loves you too much.

How can I keep from singing?





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