Another sort of day entirely.

Yesterday was tra-la-la-la-laaa, the flowers that bloom in the Spring, tra-la.

Yesterday was full of JOY. Full of it.

Today my friend went to hospital to hear about her options for cancer treatment.

Today was hospital corridor after corridor, consulting rooms and waiting rooms, surgeon, consultant, anaesthetist, specialist, blood….. grim, grim, grim. More than four hours, helpless and obedient – sit there, come here, take the lift, follow the signs, pretend to take in this horrible news…. We held hands and we met each other’s eyes and wondered what to say, what might help, or at least not hurt.

But somehow, today was full of joy, too. That’s our miracle. We can pray for all sorts of miracles but that’s a miracle already. Today was full of joy. 

We sang hymns flying across the Preselis, and we prayed on the way back. We laughed briefly and we sat in silence for long thoughtful moments. And we remembered the. greatest joy of all, ‘Our God is a great great God’.

He is.


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