You know how I was banging on last night about ‘do all things without grumbling’?

Well, I have a lovely new (well, only slightly second-hand) car, and I love it. I was backing out of my space in the supermarket car park, and ready to drive off when a lady walked in front of me, so I waited for her. Then I saw a big red shape in my mirror – cripes! A huge 4×4 was reversing towards me out of the opposite space. I had nowhere to go unless I wanted to wipe out that pedestrian…. surely he had seen me? I’m YELLOW for crying out loud! No, he trundled on.  I slammed my horn on. The whole car park jumped. But the red car continued. I now have a lovely but crumpled car.

I jumped out, he managed to get out…. he’s old and deaf. He looked at my poor little tin can and said “Did I hit you?”

There’s not even a scratch on his big bus of a thing.

Ahhh. There you go. These things happen. As I stood there, do you know what I was thinking? As I tried to work out if there was any point in exchanging numbers, going through insurance, all that palaver… I was thinking ‘In all things rejoice’.

I love my little yellow car that buzzes like a wasp and roars like a lion and goes so fast the world is just a blur. A bit of a prang? So what? I have so much. So very very much.




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