Un-giddy my soul

I’m writing a radio play about the birth of Jesus Christ. Listen! Listen! Listen all of you! You should all write a play about the birth of Jesus Christ. I mean, really!

It’s so exciting. Its flippin’ amazing! It’s taking my breath away. I had to stop to have a bit of a choked up minute and sort of un-giddy myself. My heart is racing and I feel a bit sick. It’s bloody amazing, my bros and sisses…. it really is. I mean, look, listen… no, shush…. it is!

If we all had to write a dramatisation of the birth, the life, the death of Jesus, of who He was and is, and how powerful He is even now and for ever… my God, we would all be dizzy with excitement. The world would grind to a halt. We’d be no use to anyone.

So I have to come out of this. And soon.

But that’s how I feel right now. Sick with excitement. Amazed and dazed and flummoxed at the mighty power and just the sheer blinding brilliance of God. His perfect plan to redeem man! I mean, really, HIS PERFECT PLAN. From creation to now. Perfect.

Galloping through Exodus, soaring through Isaiah.. all them minor blokes (yeah, I looked up Amos) and then onto BETHLEHEM! And then on to our lovely God made man, then Calvary… the empty tomb… the book of Acts…. and then…. NOW!

No man could have dreamed it up. No human thought process could conceive so perfect, so complete, so loving, so breathtaking a resolution to the disonnance between man and his God. Over thousands of years. Our man made years. And into eternity.

Oh, wow. How come you don’t all feel compelled to write about it? I don’t get it.

**I’ve come back to add a sort of post-script. Just sitting here, stunned and a bit tearful, asking myself what it is that makes me feel so overwhelmed… it’s the enormity of His love. The enormity of His pity. Enormity.

A friend has just emailed to suggest ‘enormity, rather infinity’  but we say infinity so often. Today I am dazzled by His enormity, the enormity of His heart.




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