Post Script

If you read yesterday’s blog, and you’re wondering whether I was on the beach in driving rain or in sunshine this morning, here’s a pic from my prayer perch at 7am.


And if you’re wondering if it felt like the Sea of Galilee, and was Jesus there… YESSSSS!

3 thoughts on “Post Script

  1. absolutely love seeing your doggies, dear Lucy – aren’t they truly the best of creatures?!
    Am feeling a bit scrambled lately as am leaving for vacation, getting all ready – to England & Scotland, yeah!
    So if you don’t mind, am adding a bit here, rather than on your corresponding post – regarding my comment to your notes on bitterness – what an oaf I am to not first & foremost convey my condolences to you about your beloved husband – there are never enough years with our loved ones & too many without them…


  2. Yes, they are fab, all our dogs! These are Percy (nearly 4) and his Mum Pip (I think about 7 but we’ve had her only a few months -her family emigrated and couldn’t take her)
    If you’re going to England you’ll be flying over Wales, so look down and give us a wave!
    Husband’s been gone 27 years… doesn’t mean I don’t miss him but I’m not grieving.


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