Hey – I’ve been stuck in all morning waiting for a delivery, so I decided to use the time by playing around with stuff for the church magazine. I’m quite pleased with myself so far…. photo-1557770953-76e7967cb4de.jpeg

This was going to be an invitation to church but then, after about half an hour of playing with fonts and colours,  I realised that he looks a bit like he’s doing a wee….

So I dumped that and started on this


And then I realised that it might seem to some very straight and upright people that we’re boasting about being eeeevil,

So I dumped that and started on this


And then the delivery came. Hurrah!

Today’s a strangely bitty day – the car’s gone in to get a new bumper so I’m driving a courtesy car. It’s manual, so I won’t be driving far in it or my left shoulder will pop out, followed rapidly by my left hip….. but it’s good fun roaring up and down the gears again.  When I saw the gear change my heart sank and I thought I might not remember how to change gear after 15 years with automatics, but hey! it’s like riding a bike, but much, much, much faster.

Then came the delivery van.

And a pal needed milk delivered.

But through it all, I’ve been bursting to talk to you. Can I bend your ear about prayer? Reading that, if you’re not a Christian, your heart may have quailed just like mine did when I saw that gear stick. But listen, prayer is a state of mind, a state of receptivity and willingness, and even if you’re not sure that God is listening, or that He even exists, prayer can be an adventure into the unknown. There’s no qualification required to step into prayer, because there’s no qualification required to meet God. He takes anyone. He takes everyone who turns to Him. “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in…”

If you want adventure in your life, joy and understanding, peace even… prayer could be your first step. In the Bible God tells us “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” and here’s the thing – the Bible doesn’t lie, or prevaricate, being truth itself, it doesn’t strive to prove anything, there is no hidden agenda. It’s stood the test of time in a way that no other writing has, it’s as alive and powerful now as it was thousands of years ago, and it’s written for you and for me, right now. I’ve tested it and I know it’s true.

We’re told that prayer moves mountains. Well, I’m not sure God wants to move any mountains today, but I know that He’s moved mountains in my life. My first steps  following Jesus came during a night of prayer and study, way back 35 years ago, in a shabby old bungalow in South Africa. I was reading about His last night of prayer, and I was so desperate to find this praying, submitted, loving Jesus that somehow, in the mobius loop of eternity,  I joined Him there. In Gethsemane. Me, unsure of the truth that night, but seeking, longing. Me with my little brain unable to comprehend creation, or the supernatural, me struggling to grasp why God would ‘do it’ this way, whether it could possibly be true, that me.  I met Him, when I was praying before I knew how to pray, before I knew who I was praying to, before anything. I met Him because I was looking for Him with my whole heart.  I met him in my confusion and need.

I met Him. And so can you.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”        John 14:6

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