Our village, the world.


On my Instagram account there’s a young woman who lives in the middle of the United States. We first ‘met’ about 10 years ago when I had a brief dalliance with Twitter, and we liked each other immediately. She’s a single Mum, a newly qualified professional so we’re not at all alike, our cultures and interests are completely different, she’s a busy Mom and I’m a retired Gran, her days are packed with outings, school, work and a big family, while I struggle to find things to  fill even a few hours, but we simply ‘get’ each other!  Although I hope that one day we’ll meet in person, if we don’t, it doesn’t matter; I know what she likes, what she wants, I have seen her son as a toddler, watched him grow, admired his photo as he went to school for his first day, seen him decked out for baseball games (4th grade now), smiled at them both eating s’mores (she told me what they were) and I would even recognise her Mom and Pop. We don’t need to be in the same room in order to care about and support each other.  And she’s a great ‘liker’ !  I post maybe four photos a week on Instagram, and they’re nearly all of the beach and the sky. Very very boring, but she ‘likes’ them all!

Her name isn’t Susan but that’s what I’ll call her for this blog.

Susan and me are hugely different in one very important way. I am a Christ follower and she isn’t. But she has an amazing, warm, funny, lively, interesting, inquisitive mind and she delves here, there and everywhere, reads voraciously, devours films….  I love her mind. This is one of her posts from about two weeks ago:


It wasn’t her original… it’s even banal… but she was reposting from someone else. Was she struggling that day, was her world view dark and lonely, or was she just idly chatting?  I know her circumstances and it must sometimes be a slog, a single parent, a newly qualified professional, not a huge income, elderly and very sick parents….  so I wanted to reach out, a bit like those two hands in the last sketch of her post.  But how?

So I sent this:

IMG_0089.jpegYes. She ‘liked’ it. Of course she did. She’s a great ‘liker’ as I said, so I thought no more of it.

But then, just today, I had an email from one of Susan’s followers/friends. I don’t know this woman at all, never heard of her and I can’t quite work out how she knew my email… but she tells me that she’d been wondering about returning to college, to study Physics, and she had a prospectus on her phone, and kept re-reading it, not sure what to do. She thought maybe she wouldn’t be able to cope academically as she left school as soon as she could and how would she manage financially? She had been dithering for ages. When she read  ‘nothing comes from nothing’ she remembered that wondering could be exciting. So she’s going back to college! She’s already started the process to enrol next Fall.  She says she has a year to save up.

From such a tiny, tiny, tiny thing…..

Wowser, my friends. Sometimes the way this world has shrunk is a heart warming thing. When she gets her degree, or whatever they get in the US, I’ll probably be gone to Glory. I’ll be up there in the Cosmos, the Cosmos she’s just learned all about!

How lovely. I’ve sent her Genesis Chapter One.  ‘And God saw that it was good.’

I’m so excited for her. How brilliant. How amazingly, heart warmingly brilliant. This evening I’m smiling fit to bust.

Ex nihilo nihil fit. 

Creato ex Deo.

I mean, really…. how amazing.

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