In somnum veritas.

Yesterday at about 9 o’clock in the morning I was asked if I would tell the children’s story in church at 11. I have about five stories up my sleeve but I haven’t looked at any of them for ages. One of them is about asking questions, and I read it through and quite liked it but not quite enough to choose it.

Today is a grey wet day, and I’ve done a few minor errands for the church and chopped up some veg for a meal, and done a load of washing, and walked the dogs… all menial trivial tasks. Tonight there’s a church meeting, so I’ve been praying for that on and off. But it’s a funny sort of nothing day and mid afternoon, before the school bus arrives, I sat down for a snooze. That’s how old I am!

Maybe it was looking again at the children’s story about questions yesterday that gave me my sweet little dream. As I was drowsing I heard the question “if you could ask Jesus anything what would you ask him?”

The answer was immediate and simple and even simplistic. I would ask him “please can I hold your hand?”

And then he would take mine. Roll on the day. Let it be soon. What a fabulous wondrous amazing day that will be.

Oh, hurry up, do!

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