If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!

I’ve been reading Proverbs. It’s a kind of ‘dip in and dip out of’ sort of book, but the simple words stick in the mind because they’re wise and concise and sometimes surprising. Proverbs 24:10 “If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!”,

Sometimes, my sweetlings, in times of trouble, we need to say to each other “I believe that all things work for the good.”

But more than that, when we say it we need to mean it, believe it.

And even MORE than that, when these words are spoken to us we need to be comforted by them. We have to submit and accept support from each other, and that means we have to offer it too. Reach out extending love, and reach out accepting it. Even when that’s really really hard, and we just want to sit in a darkened room and lick our wounds… or swear a bit.

Don’t feel you can’t share your feelings. You’re not the only one struggling to understand and accept and trust.

Today is a hard day for some, a day of rethinking for others, a day of prayer for everyone.

For those of you reading this from distant parts, you who are outside the fellowship of our little church here in Wales, a word of explanation: last evening we had a decision to make, as a church, and it was made in love and with grace, but it’s left some of us feeling sad. That’s all.  We all desire more than anything to follow God and to love Him ever closer, and the decision last evening has made some of us feel sad.

BUT… but, God.

This is what I’m telling myself right now,  “Stop fretting, Luce. Your God is in charge. Pack in the sadness and give thanks and praise instead.”

This morning there was a gale blowing on the beach, all sorts of flotsam brought in by the stormy tide, trees and gates and rubbish….  I took a little video of that amazingly beautiful bright sky and scudding clouds,  of the waves breaking into the wind… but the image didn’t reveal the reality.  Only when the sound is added do we get the real picture.  The power of the wind is invisible. Sometimes the greatest power is unseen. But never doubt…. HE is there. He is there in His word, and His word ROARS. Our God is a mighty God, and His power is beyond understanding.

Listen to power. Just listen. Give your ears a blast.




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