Shooting star

I woke at three this morning. It’s not a problem. I love to lie awake in the peace of the night. There’s a skylight above my bed, angled so that I don’t quite see the sky, just the geometry of the walls and the moonlight casting shadows. At about 3.15 something changed, something indefinable, making me look up. Gentle light was pouring in. It lasted a couple of seconds and then was gone. There was no sound that I could hear, it seemed too cool to be electric light and anyway, there’s no lights on that side of the house, just a small garden belonging to the neighbours, unlit. After puzzling for a few minutes I returned to my thoughts for a while, cosy and drifting.

I pottered through to the kitchen a little later to start the day.

If you ever drive down a street in West Wales in the middle of the night and see a woman in her PJ’s standing on her doorstep, drinking coffee and looking at the velvet sky… give me a wave. I don’t have a garden so I often wander out to the pavement and look up at the universe, marvelling. Here, at the rural coast, we don’t have light pollution so on a cloudless night the sky is dense blue-black with a million pinpoints of light (OK, a couple of hundred, give us a break, what can I say? I’m a writer).

I’d never seen a shooting star until tonight. What a sight, what a sight! If you had been with me I’d have grabbed your arm – you’d have heard my gasp – we would have met each other’s eyes, searching for words. But sometimes there aren’t any words to be had. Sometimes there’s only God and the cosmos and our tiny beating hearts, hands cupped around a warm mug, silence like a blanket, wonder like a gift of love.

God is good. God is so good.

Tonight I didn’t feel alone. Tonight there is just deep joy and calm. Tonight a shooting star sent light into my bedroom, and then, as if to confirm His love, another shooting star in a silent street brought me right into God’s presence, full of wonder and dazed delight.

So I wandered back indoors and started to write this blog. And as I wrote an email pinged in, from a very dear friend, sending a sort of blessing.

How good is our God?



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