I wonder if….

… you’re feeling as disoriented and alone as I am? Not afraid, not anxious, just sort of disassociated from life, in a limbo with a million other unseen and distant souls.

I was feeling very unsettled, almost tearful, outwardly calm and capable and smiling but inside just a mass of uncertainty. No emails, no phone calls…. am I the only one feeling so desperate to hear from another church member? My church family? Is there anyone out there at all? But we had been promised an online sermon (our sermons always go online but this one is special, going out at the time we usually have our worship service) so I waited (im)patiently for 11am, the due time, sitting in the sunshine at my desk. At 10.30 it wasn’t online… at 10.45 it wasn’t online…. patience, Luce…  and then, 10.59… surely now, now…. My granddaughter cosied into the sofa, all was quiet… and then the dear familiar tones of our pastor filled the room and there was connection. Connection.

Try it. You may find that in the spoken word there is companionship and encouragement.

Try putting cardigan.church into your browser. It will take you to our church website, click on sermons, and pick any one that takes your fancy. Today’s is wonderful, current, very special, a sermon for our first Sunday away from the church building. It’s a sermon, it’s a conversation, it’s teaching, reaching out from a study in West Wales to the whole world.


PS; added later. In case you’re wondering – I’m not just sitting here expecting people to email me and doing nothing on this end to contact them. I’ve emailed 20 people this morning alone.  With one,  one word reply.

‘It’s all about connection.’ ???

Apparently not!


2 thoughts on “I wonder if….

  1. In the words of Lionel Richie, “Hello my friend. Hello.” Love & prayers 💞🙏💞

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