Bare feet and damp hair. 7.20am

We all have a first moments routine, don’t we? A prayer we say as we wake, a thought we have, tumbling from the bed, glancing at the day outside, thanking God for the blue sky or the lashing rain, padding into the shower…. all those things shape themselves into a pattern. Your pattern will be different. When, a few minutes later, damp and fragrant (!) I walk into my kitchen, the coffee goes on and then I grab my medication and my coffee and go to sit at the table. Ahh. A moment for prayer, peace and for revelation. So as I open the Bible I pray, nothing long and fancy, this is just me putting myself where I need to be. In a teachable state of mind. I pray for the day ahead and thank God for the night that’s gone.  And for an obedient spirit (I don’t have much of that) and that teachable mind (I think I have loads of that). I do love that first still moment. Only it never is, because I’m so impatient. Even now in this first ‘still’ moment, there I go, fiddling with  the foils of tablets, sipping my coffee, and flipping open my Bible, trying to do three things at once. Oh, and pray. Four things then. Tumbling over themselves.

I can’t wait for the words, the story, what’s Samuel going to do today? What’s the point of all those warring Philistines in the Bible? What do I take from this? Shall I go back and read yesterdays’ chapters to see if there’s a deeper thought I’ve missed?

And then, peace.

I read a great book last year and its lessons have become part of my day . It’s called “Shaped By The Word” and my morning prayer is always that my day will be shaped by His word. The few moments at the table with coffee and a fresh mind and an open Bible are the moments when I devote the day, put myself where I belong.

This morning, there was a real blip in my routine… the coffee was gurgling,  the sun was streaming through my windows (how do they get so dirty?) and so I grabbed my medication and coffee and then….  my feet took me to my computer! To my computer! I stopped halfway across the room. What was I doing? I was going to check on the news, on the Corona Virus. Before anything else I was going to check on the news.

Wowser. That’s not right. That’s so not-right that it’s  very wrong.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will keep your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6

So I turned on my heel, went to my creaky chair at the table, and opened my Bible.

And guess what? Not knowing the latest news didn’t do me any harm at all. It didn’t change the course of the pandemic, it didn’t impoverish my understanding. And it absolutely DID  put me exactly where I belong, slap-bang in the love of Jesus.

I still haven’t checked the news. God came first, the blog came second, and now I can have a quick gander at the virus, knowing full well that God is sovereign.

Sending love to you all, whoever you are, wherever you are.





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