What do you want to write?

I sent this to a friend today. It made me smile, so I’m sending it to you.

I want to write

all I know and all I have experienced

and all I have dreamed,

and present it to the world,

so that the world says

“Ahhhh…. That’s what life is about.”


“Now we see.”


“That makes sense”

I want to hold out on my open palm, tragedy and love, courage and cruelty and hope,


“Look! Look who you are! This is you. You! You!  No wonder God loves you so.”

So the world will be amazed at the rich and teeming, chaotic and bleeding



world in my hand,

and recognise the God who made it all,

who loves it all,

who pities and cherishes in equal measure.

I want to write the world,

the world He loves,

and I want the world to see.

To see.

To see.

And when I’ve done all that, I’ll have a bacon sandwich.

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