This blog has been read in, so far, 41 countries. I wonder what you readers in China or the Philippines or Pakistan make of my village life here in West Wales? What do you make of my idiomatic language? I write as I think, and I return to my blogs to edit only mistakes and typos, not to rewrite, so you always get a first draft, a stream of the subconscious along with the conscious. You poor things! Anyway, I am very aware as I write that the tentacles of this little piece of nonsense stretch across oceans to other cultures, and sometimes I forget that I have three or maybe four readers in my own village and church. Yesterday I had a fabulous reminder of this!

On Friday I wrote that I was going to replace a rotten handrail in my yard and that I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen but happen it would (teeth gritted, determined, defiant in the face of my own incompetence). But yesterday morning a friend called and asked if she and her husband could come over for coffee. COME OVER FOR COFFEE???? You betcha! They duly arrived, but the tool box in his hands suggested another reason for the visit and as soon as the coffee was done and the pastries eaten, the handrail was dismantled and gone! The problem has been taken, literally, out of my hands, and in a day or two I will have a new, smart, varnished handrail to hang onto.

Not only that, but I had a text from another of my local/church readers that they would come and help me with it.

Sometimes, shush, whisper it… church works! I am so very very touched. A few years ago another church person mended a much loved ancient chair, one I was very regretfully preparing to dump, (and it’s still as good as new) so yes, yes, sometimes church is family. Sometimes even us singleton are not quite alone!

Have you been watching the news about the weather here in Northern Europe? You know how bad it is? It’s so bad that this morning we didn’t even get to the beach – Pip and Piko ran back to the car before we were even out of the carpark, and there they sat in the dry, watching as Percy and me walked away, bent over, horizontal against the rain and the gale. We did a quick one-two around the car park and the picnic area and then HOME…….. snug and dry…..

Oh, oh, listen. It’s SUNDAY! That means church online.


And another great message about being a disciple, a learner, a follower. It goes online at 11am and is available afterwards of course.

Lead on Macduff! I’m following. Come wind and rain, snow or Covid.

Back from the rain.

2 thoughts on “Update

    1. Absolutely: Percy is fearless and affectionate and trouble free. Pip is timid and clinging and loveable. Pico is adventurous, selectively deaf, and not very cuddly but quite barky. Peko is on loan to me so you would have to give him back to his real owner some day. Hmmmm.


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