Reaching out

On the edge of the Irish Sea, this morning

Why write a blog? Beats me.

My last posting was read by people in the UK, America, South Africa, Holland, China, HK, India, Nepal, the Philippines, South Korea. Russia, Australia, Canada, Cameroon and Pakistan. That’s unusual – although I have readers in 43 countries, mostly I reach people in the UK, and might see visitors from 3 or 4 other countries on any one day. So why were there so many overseas bloggers on that particular day? Did I use a word that some nosey algorithm recognised, some phrase that cropped up in google searches? Who knows?

Writing a blog is fascinating, and the intrigue doesn’t start and end with the writing – who are you all? How do you live your lives? Where do you read these words,? Are you in a bedroom cosy and sleepy, or maybe at a desk? You could be on a hillside in a tropical storm, or in the shade of a palm tree overlooking a sparkling bay, leaning on a kitchen counter waiting for bread to prove,  rocking a child to sleep lit only by the glow of your screen, or maybe you’re reading this in Africa, on a stoep, serenaded by cicadas, or in Canada sitting in a car waiting for snow on the windscreen to clear.  I don’t know. And I wonder what you make of me and my life? Can you imagine life here in the UK, in this corner of West Wales? Would you like to see my street, the view from my front door, yesterday morning just after a light fall of snow? Here you are; 

Shoes, scarf, hat… we go.

Are you a person of faith or anti-faith? What do you make of my ramblings? Why do you read them? It’s a mystery. Because I’m a writer I don’t quite fully understand anyone who isn’t. I mean, what do you non-writers do with all your thoughts? Seriously, what do you do with notions and ideas and questions that need exploring and sharing? I know that most of you will be in a relationship so there’s another mind reaching out to you as you reach out to them, but still… don’t you want to write stuff down, to get it out into the world, to test it and weigh it against other thoughts from other minds? Other cultures? If not, why not?

It would be so good to know you. We are all so wonderfully different, and surely it’s a great gift to desire to know more and to tell more? To be both giving and receptive? It’s difficult right now to communicate properly, one to one, in lockdown but doesn’t that make reaching out in any way we can even more important?

I heard, from two different speakers this last week, that God’s deep longing, is to reach us. That really hit home for me. I understand the longing to communicate. We are created in his image, so just as he reaches out to us, so we are made to reach out to him and to others. When we do that, we find fulfilment and meaning. When we know that we are loved and when we love, we are at peace. We come to rest in the place we were always meant to be. Wow! I just smile when I think of that. God intends a loving relationship, the deepest most loving most personal relationship ever, with those he has created. You and me. He longs for our love so deeply that he gave up his only Son, to torture and death, for us. He could not love us more. He is love itself, personified in Jesus.

God doesn’t change. He is constant. Complete and perfect. So just as he loved us in our moment of creation, so he loves us now. Whatever we’ve done, whoever we have become, whether you’re wrapped in the velvet warmth of Africa, or sheltering from the icy blast of Canada, surrounded by the roar of traffic in New York, or lying in a hospital bed as you read these words, God wants you to know him. God loves you with a lavish love. Whether you’re Miss Prim and Proper sailing through life untroubled by disaster, or Mr Bit of a Mess with a great swathe of bad decisions and broken hearts in your wake, God loves you with his lavish love.

Why do I write this blog? Because God loves you. Because God reaches out to you. That’s how important and precious you are! And when you know the reality and love of God, as I do, by his gifting, oh boy!!!! You’ll be like me, filled to overflowing with too much good news to keep it quiet. You’ll want to speak, blog, video, tik-tok, write, sing the great news. You can’t help it, wherever you go, Canada, Taiwan, down my little road, on the front line of every violent demonstration, in the Covid wards, on the surface of the Moon, in a rocket ship to Mars….

Now I’m just being silly. Time for a cup of tea.

You can know him. He stands at every door, waits at every moment of every life. He reaches out to you. Always. Always.

The Lord your God is with you;
    his power gives you victory.
The Lord will take delight in you,
    and in his love he will give you new life.
He will sing and be joyful over you, (Zephaniah 3:17)

3 thoughts on “Reaching out

  1. I read these for different reasons on different days. But if I had to say why I take time to read them it’s because you write superglue words which stick my eyes to them until you finish. Sometimes if I’m very down there’s a quote in here from the bible which I find really comforting. I read them to find out more about you Luce sometimes, I suppose. But that’s not really why. I read them because they make me feel hopeful and connected to the world, because they’re written by my friend who I love and also there quite often is a picture like this one of the SNOW which I LOVE!!!!! It’s like A Child’s Christmas in Wales. ANyway, I suppose what I’m trying to say is: you’re never ever boring.



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