This is not a blog

But I can’t resist wishing you all a belting and joyful Easter. May you all, every single one of you, know that Jesus is risen, he’s alive, that he’s in our lives, with us in our waking and our sleeping, active all around us and that his reality is undeniable to those of us who know him.

They can write a thousand historically accurate books proving that the Resurrection was documented at the time, proven at the time, a pain in the neck for the Roman authorities, a source of delight to the early Christians…. they can make a hundred videos taking us to modern day Israel, to this site and that site… they can do all this and more, but ….


if we know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour we need none of that. Once we did. But not now. That’s for those who are still on the journey.

Those who know Jesus have no need of external reassurance about the Resurrection.

Jesus is risen. I know because he is alive and with me. With you if you call on him. In our lives, active and present and full of love.

I wish I could post a surprising picture to lighten your hearts, but guess what? It’s the beach again! The wonderful beach. The lockdown beach. The Easter Sunday beach. I haven’t been anywhere else for what feels like half a lifetime but see how beautiful the day is….

He is risen!

Easter Sunday

One thought on “This is not a blog

  1. Wishing you very Happy Easter, Lucy. Thank you for continuing your blog and please keep posting the beach pictures, I cannot wait to get back to the sea once all the restrictions are lifted. All the best beaches close by are Welsh…and I am the wrong side of the border! Still your pictures remind me that they are still there.. waiting.
    Best wishes



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