This isn’t a blog

Because I have a dozen little things to do which must be done now, or yesterday, and I must get to them, but this is something – a little something – that I thought you might enjoy with me:

When I drive to the beach in the morning, with the dogs in the back of the car, I try to be aware that I’m not just driving to a lump of sand and an expanse of sea, but I’m heading towards a time of reflection, a time of prayer. Sometimes I am less than aware – on a Tuesday the rubbish trucks are out, filling our narrow lanes, and everyone has to pull in and wait, and there are often tractors, or ancient old men who drive in the middle of the lane at ten miles an hours (feels like!) – so there are distractions. But, on the whole, the drive to the beach is a time to get ready, to settle the thoughts, to remember who God is. I sometimes imagine that I’m walking into a temple, or a cathedral. And as I get to the top of the hill leading down to the water’s edge, it does indeed feel as if I am under a vaulted roof, under the great dome of God’s sky.

Anyway, anyway… there I am this morning, skimming towards the hill and, as we reach the crest, I glance in my mirror and I am suddenly overwhelmed with the provision and the power and the love of God. Look at this! Look at this… God’s world, his sky, his cloud, his sun, and all reflected in that little mirror glinting in the cold morning air… and my thoughts are a miracle… the human mind a wondrous thing…. and the sea is a miracle with its tides and its dolphins, its whales and teeming swirling life, and the car – that’s a miracle! – and the blue sky ahead of us…. how wonderful to have a car and to enjoy driving as I do… and the road is empty for a few moments, long enough to stop and take this… and share it with you.

O Lord, our God, no one can compare with you.
    Such wonderful works and miracles are all found with you!
    And you think of us all the time
    with your countless expressions of love—
    far exceeding our expectations!

Psalm 40:5

I think we forget, minute by minute, that we are God’s greatest miracle. That he has given us not just our senses, but our thoughts, understanding, imagination. He has given us our appreciation of beauty, our hunger for truth, our need for love. He has given us every heart beat, every breath, every blink of our miracle eyes. And that I can share this moment with you, well, that’s a flippin’ miracle, isn’t it? It is. We have so much. Even when we have nothing, we have so much.

You see, it isn’t a blog. It’s an exclamation.

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