And now it starts….

I was dreading today. I didn’t know which ‘today’ it would be, but I knew this day would come.

Ukraine is the victim of an unwarranted and brutal invasion. Ukraine’s President has shown courage and devotion. In the face of terrible odds his people have been resisting, and in some places rebuffing, the Soviet military. Sadly, this means that the free press of the World and some social media has begun to paint Ukraine and its President as ‘good’ people. They are not bad people. But they are somewhere in-between. Human beings like you and me, but tested to the extremes of endurance and courage. And because they are like you and me they are not pure and untainted and perfect and always compassionate; when they are cornered they will fight with whatever savagery they need in order to escape, when their old people and their children and their comrades are being slaughtered some of them, at the end of their emotions, will react with anger, rage, red raw revenge, some will be just as brutal and just as cruel as the worst of the Russians. They are desperate people, driven to a desperate end.

And now the press of the West is ready to pounce. Maybe they’ll hold off until the dust settles, but they will pounce on Zelensky and his Army, they will paint them with the same brush as the Russians, and having held them up to an impossible standard the hypocritical press will cheer when they fall short. Today there are as yet unsubstantiated reports of Ukraine troops knee-capping Russian prisoners. Today is the day we begin to see that there are no heroes in war.

I saw a terrible fb posting a while ago, claiming Zelensky as a man of God. Don’t. Really, don’t. Have pity on him, admire him, support him, most of all pray for him, but don’t give him a halo. If any man wears one of those, it will burn him.

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