Parlo Italiano?

About 4 years ago I wrote 5 x 15 minute monologues for BBC Radio, which were transmitted, one each day of Holy Week (Monday to Friday) on Radio 4, then repeated in the evenings. They were an exploration of the role Judas Iscariot played in the death of Jesus Christ, told from his perspective, in his voice. And of course it was all just my imaginings of what Judas might have gone through at that terrible time.

Tonight, in a beautiful, lofty church in Rome a group of enthusiastic young and not so young adults are presenting ‘Judas’… or, as they have it, ‘La Passione di Giuda: la voce dei protagonisti’

The piece has been given a new lease of life, in Rome, in or near the Vatican, translated by Fr Salvatore Sessa (that’s him, above), and I am so tickled to think that will be heard in another language , in another country. It reminds me of my last blog – God is not limited by time or distance… and obviously not by language either!

A very grainy photo of the video on my Mac.

So, if you speak Italian, and want to meet this cheerful gang (and see a beautiful Italian church) head to

And a few more stills, stolen from my Mac

The sound desk

Fr Salvatore Sessa
Setting up

2 thoughts on “Parlo Italiano?

  1. Ahh Salvatore, a scholar and a gentleman filled with vision, joy, and Jesus. What a church building and lively young people! How exciting! If he comes this way again, we must persuade him to speak at MZ. A divine connection.


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