A Perfect Morning

There is a deal of sadness in life, sometimes. This is one of those times, not for me but for those around me. So, this is me saying ‘Begone dull care!’ (or something very similar, using words a little more Anglo-Saxon) and asserting, proclaiming, insisting and witnessing that God is good. Because He is. Whatever is going on in this poor old fallen world, God is good.

One of my neighbours is a musician. He also loves words and poetry and generally thinking about more than the mundane, exploring the invisible, and even trying to define the undefinable. That’s what we have in common. As I left the beach this morning, he and his wife arrived. I called out “Very heaven!” and he immediately demanded the next line. I didn’t have a next line. So I came home and wrote a very silly little ditty to make him smile. Hope it makes you smile too, and I’ll even illustrate it. That’s how much I love you! It’s a piece of doggerel, but I don’t care. Sometimes we have to be silly.

Very Heaven;

Sapphire sea, crystal sky,
Silver grasses seem to sigh,

Dappled water in the sun,
Sea grass elegantly spun,

Bleached beach, wet toes,
Pico’s prance and Pip’s wet nose,

Percy on a log again,
(playing Monarch of the Glen)

Swallows swoop and dip and soar,
Our lives are this, and so much more

Each day a perfect stitch in time,
To make His tapestry Divine. 

Very very Heaven.

Sometimes looking down is as amazing as looking up

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