Wait! Wait! It’s coming….

Today I’m 74.

That’s old. That’s quite old. Don’t tell me it’s not, and don’t tell me that age is just a number or that you’re only as old as you feel. I’m 74. My ribs know it, my back knows it, my left hip knows it, and now you know it.

And I like being 74. I do. I wouldn’t swop it for 64 or 84. This is as far as I’ve got and it’ll do me nicely.

So there.

Think of all the things I can do now that I’m 74, and not just ‘do’ them but savour them, enjoy them; I can enjoy falling asleep in front of a football match that I had been looking forward to all week because when I wake up I can rewind and play it again. And I can enjoy waking up with my rib cage aching because if I just move a couple of inches one way, and stretch a bit, and take a deep breath, the pain goes and it’s such a lovely feeling to be suddenly pain-free (a bit like the old joke “Why do you keep banging your head against the wall?” …. “Because it’s so lovely when I stop”) And I like pulling a face at my iPhone when it tells me that my walking is unsteady, and I tell it “Pah! I’m the only one on the beach in a raging gale and I’m doing damn well to remain upright in all this horizontal rain, never mind walking.” And I enjoy sitting at lunch with three good friends and being just a bit too deaf to follow the conversation closely, so that it washes over me, and sometimes I find myself vaguely wondering “Who are we talking about now? And do I know them?” And I don’t even mind when the tinnitus wakes me at night with an imaginary door slam or dog bark, because it means that then I can lie awake and remember God and snuggle down again, listening to Percy’s soft slumber, happy that there are hours and hours to go before morning. Extra special unscheduled prayer time. Bonus. And doze time.

Life is not all beer and skittles. But that’s a thought for another day, not today. Sometimes we can pause, ‘selah’ (pause and think) and be glad for all we have. We don’t have to have money in the bank, or success, or a mansion, or a partner, or even good health. We can make the decision, wherever we are, whatever our circumstances, to be joyful and thankful and to savour the day.

Today I look at my circumstances and I thank God. At 74 I love the Word, grandchildren, audio books, writing, fresh ideas, new projects, skypes and zooms, pals and dogs, emails and jigsaws, jaw-jaw around the table, silly jokes, huge skies, ferns uncurling, curlews calling, birthday cards and flowers, old uncle Tom Cobbley and all. I love that at 74 I get asked to write daft ditties, and that I can spend all day on them if that’s the mood I’m in. I love… well, you get the idea.

I am grateful. This is a blog of thanks. It’s a blog of thanks to God, and to you lot, and to everyone and everything (without being pantheistic) in my life.

If you’re not 74 yet, don’t worry. It’s worth waiting for.

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