Invitation to a night out…. but in.

You know that book I wrote? Remember? Published way back in the middle of lockdown? I’m reading some of it out loud in my actual voice (which is not a great voice so don’t get your hopes up… Helen Mirren I am not) for anyone who wants to hear.

On the first Thursday of the month Seren Books holds an evening of reading and discussion and poetry and… well, I’m not really sure what else because I’ve never attended one, and now of course even the usual format of the evening will be different because it will be online.

The poetry will come from Romalyn Ante, reading from her first published collection, and I will be reading from The Amazingly Astonishing Story.

So, this Thursday at 7.30, if you would like to join in the general chit-chattery and maybe read some of your own work, please book your ticket by clicking onto this link (there are more details on the link) :

Hope to see you there!